“God put a million, a million doors in the world for His love to walk through, one of those doors is you” – Jason Gray

This is a quote from one of my current favorite songs; it basically defines mission trips, showing God’s love to other people by serving. I was fortunate enough to serve on a small missions team in Ghana last summer. The church, along with various donors and the community, together raised enough money to drill a water well for a village in Techiman. It was an unforgettable experience, which you will be able to see as you browse through my pictures.

To me, they speak volumes…of love, kindness, community, surprises, fun, exhaustion, exploration, novelty, perseverance, gratitude and of course, a quenched thirst. They also remind me that a trip across the world is not necessary to have this kind of experience, to serve, or to love. It really is in the everyday, no matter where we are or what we’re doing…

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How we speak to one another, how often we go out of our way to help another, how we treat each other, what we sacrifice for one another, living in gratitude, being a little bit more patient, sending a letter, telling someone how much they mean to us, volunteering, reading to a child, visiting someone we know is lonely, reaching out to an old friend, being kind, walking your dog, bringing your kid to soccer practice early Sunday morning or after a long day at work…I think you get the “picture”!

How can we serve more with love? How can we show more love? What inspires you to love?

Thanks for reading and browsing.



~What inspires the love in us, inspires the love in others~